Why Net10 has the Most Flexible Phone Service

Net10 is a prepaid cell phone service provider. The brand is a subsidy of Tracfone, the world’s largest prepaid wireless carrier. Net10 partners with several of the major cellular networks, including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, and so is able to provide cell phone coverage in nearly every corner of the United States. Net10 is one of the few mobile phone companies that will use both GSM and CDMA phones, the two most common cellular phone technologies. It has many phones from popular brands, as well as low-priced basic phones, available. Net10 will accept nearly any phone bought from another source.

net10Net10 is a simple carrier. There are no contracts, simply a card that can be bought either when more minutes are needed or service time expires. The service date and minutes remaining are constantly on display right on the phone screen, so there will be no surprises. There are never overage charges. There are no hidden fees, only the cost of a phone and a card. The phones themselves are priced much lower than they have been at the major carriers, and often come with enough free service-time to counteract the initial cost of a new phone. The cost is approximately 10 cents per minute for phone time, and texts are only five cents each. They also offer unlimited talk, text, and data for $50, and the service lasts for a full month. Net10 can offer a significant monthly and yearly savings over larger wireless carriers.

Net10 uses its network of wireless partners to offer affordable international service. Only $15 a month, and a Net10 phone can be used anywhere. Net10 also offers family unlimited plans, with the price per person dropping by $10 after the first. If data is not important and a pay-as-you-go plan sounds more appropriate, Net10 offers as many as 1500 minutes for only $100, including a service time of 180 days. That’s $100 for half a year of service. If you have a valid promotion code the cost can be significantly lower.

Net10 is an excellent choice for people who can get by without unlimited data. The company does offer unlimited data plans, but the tower-sharing program disallows them from reaching the pinnacle of wireless technology. That is perhaps the only shortcoming of Net10 service: Service quality will always be restricted to what the other carriers have. This supposed “weakness” is also what allows Net10 to offer their stellar service for their incredible prices.

net10 cardNet10 offers exceptional cellular tower coverage. The company offers unlimited talk, text, and data plans, both for individuals and families, and those plans can be used internationally. It uses its cell tower partnerships to offer service on par with any of the major carriers for a much lower cost. Net10′s service is able to use both GSM and CDMA phones, meaning they can accept nearly any mobile phone purchased from nearly any location. Net10 phone service is operated with prepaid cards, and offers discounts for allowing them to automatically refill phone minutes and renew phone service. The prepaid card program allows users to decide how much phone service they need, and what type, as well as how much to spend on phone service, and when. When it comes to flexibility to meet the needs of the customer, Net10 is a company that cannot be beaten. Perhaps other, larger carriers would do well to look to Net10 as an example of how to treat customers. Perhaps customers would do well to look for Net10 to meet all of their cellular phone needs.